Opposite Day

Today is National Opposite Day! This is a fun day to think about – maybe eating dinner foods at breakfast and breakfast foods for dinner, wearing clothes backward, or any manner of being playfully opposite. As we reflect on Opposite Day here, we know there are many opportunities to use opposites in our lives to create something amazing.  

We imagined a world where many things that we see are opposite. Victim-blaming is turned to support, those who cause harm are held accountable, very few people experience unwanted sexual experiences rather than almost half of people experiencing unwanted sexual experiences, and rape culture is transformed into a culture of belief of survivors and intolerance for any type of harm.

Our Normals and their Opposites

This imagining may seem idealistic, but honestly, it’s easier than you think. Practicing these opposites and encouraging others to do the same grows this world into reality.  

Please join us in celebrating this opposite day by practicing these opposite actions. Tell survivors “I believe you. It’s not your fault. I am here to support you.” Let folks who harm know it’s not okay…it’s not okay to hurt people with words, it’s not okay to hurt people with actions, and it’s not even okay to joke about it. Let folks who allow harm to happen by watching it without doing anything, refusing to hold people accountable, or who contribute to a culture of harm through reinforcing language, jokes, oppression, and beliefs that harm others know that it’s not okay. Seek consent always and show kindness. Teach your kids about consent, respect, empathy, boundaries, and assets. Help us create this world together, both on this Opposite Day and every day.  

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